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The art and science of Business Effectiveness

When your company needs assistance in developing a business plan, enhancing your infrastructure, devising sales and marketing strategies, or establishing budgets for business development, you need someone who recognizes the unique qualities of your Mark Epsteinorganization and who understands how to integrate your company’s special attributes and strengths into the solution.
Mark Epstein & Associates understands that it isn’t enough to have experience and expertise in business planning and development. We believe that you have to have real insight that goes beyond the "hard" skills of scientific business analysis and management techniques.


What We Do

MEA Consulting provides a wide range of consulting solutions to corporate, institutional and public sector clients.  As a distinctive discipline, MEA Consulting focuses on the development of strategic platforms and processes, enabling clients to make highly informed decisions, reduce costs, create value and improve performance. Our goal is to ensure that business plans and strategies are fully aligned with an organization's overall objectives, whether an international hotel, income property or small business.

  • Organizational Assessment
  • Business Planning
  • Budgeting
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Communications Enhancement

The most effective business advisors understand every aspect of an organization and business, even when the subject at hand is very focused. A holistic view – one that incorporates the sharpest analysis AND intuitive understanding of your business – is the hallmark of our approach to helping you solve your problems. It is the reason why we are so effective in helping our clients. Our wide-ranging experience with organizations from every walk of commercial life also helps us develop our analytical and intuitive understanding of the patterns of business success. We have helped Citibank with marketing.

The Human Touch

Hand shakeWe believe that good business sense means having good people sense, because one of the most valuable assets you have are the people who make up your organization. So the solutions we develop are not only good for your bottom line, they also enhance the morale, loyalty and sense of pride among everyone from your management to your employees. We provide a variety of communications and human resources services.
We have in numerous cases led "Effective Communications" workshops for our clients that provide a secure, non-threatening environment. In such an environment, each participating individual can offer critiques of the existing communications environment, as well as be aware of and forthcoming about his or her own strengths and limitations. These workshops have resulted in significantly improved morale, lowered staff turnover, and an average productivity increase of 17%.

Other human resources services we provide include mediation and settlement negotiations between individuals or groups within an organization, between the company and its shareholders, or between your company and outside vendors.

Case Studies

The Art and Science of Music Education

The LA Music Academy had contacted us to help in seeking equity investors. Like many educational institutions, the Academy had focused on educational excellence without realizing the full significance that sound business practices played in their academic status. We knew after careful analysis and close-range experience with the organization that a number of changes would be necessary. We looked critically at how the school compared with its competitors, and how it was operating; in particular, we looked at the way cultural and procedural interaction among different groups in its organization was affecting its business effectiveness.

The team at work

With this analysis and understanding, we developed a fresh perspective on how to capitalize on the Academy’s strengths and incorporated all of this into comprehensive business and operating plans that not only helped them generate the necessary equity, but also created a more efficient and effective organization. By implementing the business plan, it became possible for them to receive the national accreditation they had previously been denied.


When in Doubt, Always Resort to the Comprehensive Approach

Cargill Financial Services had purchased a beach resort hotel in Thailand that the previous owners had mismanaged. We were brought in to re-position the property and to upgrade it within a specified budget.



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